Removing hard skin on foot

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General Routine Podiatry

At Kingsway Podiatry, we are dedicated to attending to the foot care needs for the entire family. When you consider that the average pair of feet will take around 7000 steps per day, that equates to over 120 000km in a lifetime, or over three times around the entire circumference of the planet. So there is potential for a range of foot problems to arise. Some of these may be considered more routine in nature, such as damaged toenails, corns, callouses, blisters and superficial injuries.

Removal of callouses and corns can often be achieved simply and painlessly with debridement by your Podiatrist. We also have instruments, which allow gentle reduction of long, thickened or ingrowing toenails. Footwear advice and preventative care can contribute to improve long-term management of problematic or painful feet.

We recognise that some elderly or disabled patients may have difficulty in attending their own feet for routine care and we are very happy to render assistance on a regular basis as required.