Pumice and sander

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Corns & Callouses

Callous is a name given to a usually painless thickening of the skin which is generally hard with a rough texture. Corns are small areas of callous containing a deep centre of condensed hardened skin cells.

Corns and callous are a body's normal reaction to increased external pressure or friction. They can be found anywhere on the foot however the most common sites include:

  • Balls of the feet
  • Around the heels
  • On top of the toes

The increased pressure or friction that causes corns and callous can result from:

  • Poor fitting footwear (esp. high heels and thongs)
  • Altered weight bearing
  • Altered walking cycle

When corns and callous become so thick and hard that they become painful then treatment should be sought. Treatment is often straight forward and involves the removal or debridement of the corn or callous, which has no direct nerve or blood supply and should therefore be painless.