Ingrown toe nail

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Ingrowing Toenails

An ingrowing toenail is a nail that has pierced (or is pressing against) the adjacent skin of the toe causing pain and inflammation. This can sometimes become infected. Podiatrists recommend that you cut your toenails straight across and only file the edges if necessary, to avoid leaving behind a spicule that may cause an ingrowing toenail.

There can be several contributing factors in developing ingrowing toenails. Some individuals can be predisposed to this often painful condition simply due to the anatomy or structure of the toes which they have inherited. Excessively curved, thickened or wide toenails are often more likely to be problematic. Incorrect nail cutting technique or previous/repetitive injury to the toenail may also be a causative factor.

At Kingsway Podiatry, all of our Podiatrists are qualified to perform nail surgery and do so on a regular basis.